About Us

Esraa Al Jeeran - Beauty Center started out online in 2017. It strived to help women interested in beauty to reach their full potential. The main objectives of this center is to provide the necessary training, and skills, to women in order for them to succeed in the beauty industry.

In order to achieve such an objective, the center does the following:
1. Maintains a highly skilled and qualified teaching staff, or guests.
2. Provides the student with a curriculum in the basics of cosmetology.
3. Teaches the value of professionalism in the beauty industry, including high standards of personal conduct.
4. Conducts its business in an ethical and educational atmosphere that is a credit to the beauty industry.

Each program in this center includes a certificate of completion presented by the Esraa Al Jeeran - Beauty Center. The courses are designed in a way to train students in the practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and professional attitudes necessary to obtain competency in positions available in the beauty, or the cosmetology, industry.

This beauty center is your first step to your unlimited path of beauty!
Here you are in a loving and positive atmosphere where you get to meet beautiful people that have similar interests as yours. How fun, right?

You are here to learn, and we, in this center, are here to make this the best beauty journey you will ever take. The center loves beauty, and is fully equipped, professionally, with all the tools needed.
All you need to do is, get your makeup face ready, and let’s get pretty!

We wish you have the best experiences in whatever service you choose to obtain from this center, and looking forward to seeing your beautiful face more often. Sit back, relax, get your brushes ready, and be prepared to go through an amazing journey of self-discovery in this huge beauty industry.