Esraa Al Jeeran Beauty Center is sponsored exclusively by Hanan Dashti Cosmetics Co.

At the Beauty Center, all makeup is provided by Hanan Dashti Cosmetics; to be used inside the center only. Hanan Dashti Cosmetics is a local Kuwaiti brand that provides high-end makeup products; such as foundations, eyeshadow palettes, eyelashes, and so much more!

At the EMJ Beauty Center, you get the chance to try out several products provided by Hanan Dashti Cosmetics, and an opportunity to avail a 20% discount at the Hanan Dashti Retail Stores in Kuwait.

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We are pleased to work and collaborate with CreamattCo. for all your lovely needs!

The following company provides many skin care brands from Regal, Leganza, MediSkin, CeCeMed, Achroactive Max, and many more! We are pleased to provide all our customers with a huge variety of high-end brands with their skincare journey with us, and with tailoring their skin care routine--either be it for skin, hair, or even recommendations for the body.

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